How to Fix "Carpal Tunnel" in Seconds ( This Works!TRY NOW)

In this video we've got Famous Dr. Steve Novelli here with harry working on his carpal tunnel issues that he's been having for a couple years, shows how deep tissue massage therapy with a hand vibrating massager can help treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

Harry is back to golfing and opening cans up. The tool loosens up the tightness in the muscles and provides INSTANT RELIEF , avoiding surgery for those with carpal tunnel.



  • Jamie Slays

    Amazing. Worked wonders and I’ve been struggling with this for ages. I fixed more in the last 30 minutes than I have in years

  • When Japan

    I bought the wsoothepro massage gun exactly for this purpose. Great to see a video about it only a day after I bought. Will try it out ASAP.

  • Seth

    I got the one massage gun in this video last week. Works great so far. Any suggestion on how often I should do this?

  • Jeving Venus Cabrera Hall

    This video has definitely helped me,,,thank you so much for explaining the carpal tunnel and how the massage gun can relieve the pain.

  • Ma Healy

    I’m very grateful for these videos and to these doctors who share their knowledge with the world. That’s awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 😘😘😘

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