Q: Is the posture corrector okay for kids?
A: Yes, in most cases, it will fit your kids well. With adjustable high-elastic straps ,Our posture corrector is unisex and fits chest sizes ranging from 27 to 43 inches, suitable for 15-100kg people to wear.

Q: Would this back brace fit me? Is it universal size? A little small shoulder.
A: Yes, it fits most people. Adjustable Straps for both Adults and Kids. Fits the chest size 27-43 inch or body weight about 15-100 kg. You can find your perfect fits easily!

Q: Can I charge the device using my power bank?
A: Yes.You can charge it with the USB charging cord included the box.

Q: Can you hear the vibration? Will it disturb others?
A: You will feel the vibration. But It will not disturb others, the buzzing can not be heard by other people clearly.

Q: Can I personalize the angle sensor settings?
A: Yes, You can customize the angle ( 5-50°) you want the sensor to monitor for daily activities. the default angle setting is at 25°

Q: Is this visible under clothes?
A: Yes, It's slim, invisible and easy to wear underneath any shirts or clothing. Also you can wear it over your clothes